Beet and Carrot Salad (Pancar ve Havuç Salatası )

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Now a little of background on my recipe… The thought of eating raw beets was not appealing to me so my weekly incorporation of beets into our diets this past year included only roasted, steamed or boiled beets. However, recently I found out my uncle has been cooking with beets too and he shared a very simple salad recipe that includes raw beets and carrots. Knowing that my uncle has a good taste, I decided to try it out. Last week, I made this salad with deep red beets and carrots and the result was incredible. The only difference from my uncle’s recipe is that I added the radish and tomatoes for garnish. Here it is…

4 medium red beets
4 medium carrots
4 green onions
4 medium radishes
1 tomato
1 lemon
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt

Wash and scrub the beets thoroughly and peel the rough parts of the skin. Follow the same process for carrots. Do not peel the carrots unless the skin is unpleasant. Shred the carrots and beets. Chop the green onions put on top of the salad. Add the salt, olive oil and squeeze the lemon. Toss well. Place in a salad plate and garnish with radish and tomato slices.

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